It’s french for sandwich maker

So while I am contemplating bringing my phone and taking pictures during the race so I can send them out to everyone while running, I’m thinking that won’t really help with my PR.  So as a better alternative, I just came across this: 

That’s right, you can track me via your cell phone and email, how cool is that?  And it’s not even dependant on my soigneur (that’s french for sandwich maker, but much fancier and really, Darren has not once made a sandwich for me, although he has generously given up his compression socks. I think that’s kind of soigneur-ey)  to send out email updates. 

So if you really want to know how well I’m doing, you should probably just sign up for your own updates – since my soigneur will likely be checking his facebook page and sending emails to everyone but my fans while I’m running.  My goal is a 2:45 race, that’s a 12:35 pace.  If I’m faster than 12:35, it’s a good race.  If I’m slower, well, I’m enjoying the scenery and stopping for pictures with princesses.

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