Cristi Jessee or was it Jessee Cristi?

Ever have one of those moments when someone asks you “hey would you like to _____?” and for a brief moment you think, this will end up bad, but you do it anyway?

Yeah, I had this moment on Sunday – and since I have all the luck in the world except when I play the lottery, it has been saved for all eternity, or at least until News10 cares less about Amgen and only wants to talk about the rain or the economy…so maybe another 2 or 3 days:

Three points to make –

  1. Yes, the boy in the pink hat is indeed me.  Just want to point out I was very cold, had just finished my 10 mile run, and was heading over to Fleet Feet to look for yet another pair of running shoes for Darren.
  2. The woman had asked us a series of questions, the ones where I had semi intelligent answers she cut. Instead she asked “what’s the appeal of riding a bike” – the blank look I have, is pretty indicative of what I think the appeal of riding a bike is. It’s also up there with running 10 miles in the cold. Or going running shoe shopping with Darren.  Thankfully Wendy was able to save the day with “camaraderie, it’s all about the camaraderie”.  Phew, crisis averted. Yes, that is a nice part.  Granted, I’d prefer the camaraderie at a nice bar with a nice glass of wine in front of me.  If that’s not available, maybe shopping (not shoes for Darren) with my friends.  Biking would be nice too, better than a stick in the eye I guess.
  3. Yes, my autograph will be available at the Tour de California this weekend.  I am a star after all.

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  1. Carrie says:

    you are so famous!!! it was really nice of you and wendy to match, the pink is a nice them. Good work Ladies!!!!

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