A few more additions to the YOS calendar, or why Darren Loves Michael Eisner

So at dinner last night (if you’re in Sac, Supperclub is FANTASTIC!), the topic came up about the Disneyland 1/2 (marathon that is). I really hadn’t planned on racing in Disneyland, because well I didn’t feel like pushing the Disney limit on Darren…But it seems if you run in both a Disneyworld event and a Disneyland event in the same year, that you qualify for the Disney Coast to Coast Challenge, which means – ONE MORE MEDAL.  I want to state now, even the prospect of one more medal was not really that compelling, but with the encouragement from K, and also Darren declaring his undying support for the idea (note, if you really really want something, dinner at Supper Club is highly recommended, prefarably with the wine option – I think he might have been on glass 6 or 7 at that point), so I registered.  The best part though – Disney refers to it as “the ultimate test of endurance”.  In a much more sober state of mind today, it has been pointed out to me by Darren, that two 1/2 marathons in a year, 6 months apart, is not really a test of endurance…umm whatever, it is YOS, Mr. IM can bite me. Personally I think putting up with Darren at two Disney parks is the ultimate test of  endurance.

So ok, adding an additional 1/2 to the schedule, not really on the list of “what are you thinking”…then I remembered a link Darren sent to me a few weeks ago.  I have also now registered for a “Climbing and Descending” cycling clinic in February. To be honest, those are two things I absolutely hate on my bike. I don’t even think I could determine which I hate more.  But, I will be cycling around Lake Tahoe, and it would appear there are one or two hills, and I’m guessing from every uphill there is an equivalent downhill.  And I’m not really sure that taking valium to overcome my panic attack while going downhill in Tahoe is a really good idea. 

So for all of my family reading this, if you don’t see me until after October, it’s for good reason, and just think of the souvenirs I’ll be bringing you.  For my friends, who’s up for some training rides and runs?

4 Responses to “A few more additions to the YOS calendar, or why Darren Loves Michael Eisner”

  1. darren says:

    Michael Eisner is the devil! And remember, the Disneyland trip has to be spending as little money on terrorism (Disney-related expenditures) as possible…

  2. chebi says:

    I was going to make the comment that two trips to a Disney park in one year is a supreme test of endurance whether you are running a half marathon or not. But you did that already! I think Darren will be needing the valium that you will be saving on the Tahoe ride so you two can survive the YoS. I am bummed to miss the clinic, damn LEED cert. class. Does Supperclub serve vegitarian food?

  3. trojandynasty says:

    1. Its not food until some critter gives up its carcass.
    2. Michael Eisner has not been with Disney since 2005, so unless you have a time machine you aren’t gonna give him squat by visiting Disneyland.
    3. I will keep him busy with USC coeds and strippers. Wait, that’s redundant…

  4. darren says:

    2. He’s still one of the largest individual shareholders and I believe is still receiving severance package payments. Not to mention the debt accumulated under his rule that is still being paid off by increased entry fees. Either way, he’s still the devil

    3. Now you’re talking!

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