Disney qualifying time – check.


Disney’s Princess Half Marathon
If you believe you will finish the Half Marathon in less than 2:45 (hours: minutes), proof of time is required. Acceptable forms of proof of time are either a photocopy of finisher’s certificate or a print out of race results. All forms of proof of time must be from a half marathon or any race 10k or longer, after September 1, 2006. If you do not provide proof of time, you will be placed in the last start corral.

I’m sure the last start corral is very nice, but that really was not an option for the YOS, so on Saturday I made my first attempt for a qualifying time. Now granted a 2:45 finish time (12:35 pace) for a 1/2 is relatively slow compared to most of my friends, but I’ve never ran that quick in my life.  My thought was if I ran this 10K, it would give me an idea of how quickly I would need run for the Davis Stampede 10K.  I had no hopes of actually making my pace for my first 10K in the YOS.  Darren told me that I had the wrong attitude, but really, I just thought it was the most realistic attitude available to me.

I woke up early on Saturday to run the first annual 2009 Lou Gehrig Roseville 10k Run.  I figured I was doomed when Darren took a quick walk along a portion of the course and told me, it was going to be a bit hilly.  Hmm…I don’t do so well on hills.  Also, the anticipated 300 runners had turned into 600, and the trail we were running on was only about 9 feet wide for an out and back course, so there would be a lot of dodging people as well as a lot of congestion on the course. Oh well I thought to myself, if nothing else, I’ll get my long run out of the way for the week. When the race started I stood still for a couple minutes to let the masses start first, then turned on my iPod, and started racing.  To be clear, Darren had no idea what types of hills were out there, he had only walked about 200 feet.  Yeah, that was the small hills.  Total elevation gain according to the Garmin was about 900 feet.  I think that means it’s hilly.    On the plus side though it is a beautiful trail with running water, lots of oaks, well shaded, and for every uphill there is an equivalent downhill.  Fortunately the way back was cumulatively downhill.  I had been keeping an eye on my Garmin the whole way, and it was looking very much like I might meet my qualifying time.  I was able to run for a mile, walk for a tenth of a mile, and then start running again with no problems, and no inhaler puffs.  Darren had created a fantastic playlist, with the exception of the first song (Lenny Kravitz’s American Woman) which is far too slow and very uninspiring.  Fortunately he followed that with Boogie Shoes, which is my theme song (I’m a dork, I’ll admit it).  Halfway through I was able to hear the Hamster song, and Crazy Train (angry music, but appropriate for running).  Keeping an eye on my watch, I was feeling pretty good. I was averaging a 12:17 pace even with my walk breaks.  Then I hit mile 5.5 and realized that I should have probably eaten something because I was suddenly jittery, my breathing went out of control, and my heartrate was spiking. Looking at my watch, it was not an option to start walking to the finish, as I would miss my goal time, and I would hate to have ran the entire time, only to lose it in the last half mile.  So thinking on my resolution to push through uncomfortable, I just kept telling myself to keep moving and pick up my pace. I made it to the bottom of the last hill right before the finish line, to find Darren running downhill to meet me.  With some words of encouragement, “you need to pick it up to make your time” followed by “don’t overstride, increase your cadence” (I will refrain from repeating the thoughts that were going through my head with his words of “encouragement”), I made it up the hill to finish on the clock in 1:16:45. 


Sarah Madanns Elk Grove CA



36 F 30-39





So with a 12:23 pace (although my Garmin claims it was a 12:17 pace, likely because the course was a little longer – 6.25 miles vs. the posted 6.2), I have now officially met my Disney qualifying time, and will not be relegated to the last corral.  I should now be in the second to last corral 😉

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