K is the smartest person I know

So, other than my friend K is a psychatrist, kicks my butt routinely whenever we play Wii Smarty Pants, and is a fantastic Wii hula hooper, she also apparently is the only person ever to have figured out how to book a vacation at Disney World in less than 24 hours.  Therefore she gets the Smartest Person I Know Award, which is saying alot because I used to think Darren was the smartest person I know, and he’s pretty snappy. 

I have a degree (not bragging, just a statement of fact), I routinely manage a multidisciplinary team (yeah I totally just stole that from my resume) to produce a 2 volume application in 6 weeks (yeah, I’m also not really that popular with some of my project teams), and I once beat K in a game of Wii Smarty Pants (ok, so she had been drinking some wine that night, but I still WON). That said, I have now spent 2 weeks every evening researching hotels in the merriest place on earth, cheapest airfare to Orlando (out of SFO by the way), the best website to purchase tickets online – including if I want base passes, park hopper passes, park hopper with water park hopping, or no expiration passes. I even bought a 900 page book to make the process “easier”. (Interesting sidenote – there is a 4 page discussion in size 8 font about how to book breakfast with the Princesses – for the record I will not be eating there, but I’m fascinated that it takes 4 pages to tell you how to call a 1-800 number.  As a heads up if any of you ever decide you want to experience the merriest place on earth, and you have to eat with the princesses, the first step is to synchronize your clock with the Atomic time clock…No, I’m not kidding.)


900 pages of how to have a good vacation...

I’ve almost created a spreadsheet to figure out the cost difference and the added bonuses depending if you book through Disney, United, or a “Disney Vacation Planner”, but having been mocked in the past for being that anal, I’m trying to be spontaneous yet figure out the best value for money (and yes I totally just stole that from D’s favorite quotes).  I finally emailed a vacation planner, I’m not sure it’s a good price, but I’m beginning to think Disney and the Borg have a lot in common.  I have finally been assimilated – maybe when I return from Florida I’ll be super hot like Seven of Nine.

So there it is, if you ever are in need of planning a vacation to DW (or a breakfast with princesses) because it seemed to be so symbolic for your year to do a race in the Magic Kingdom and at the same time force encourage Mr. Anti-Disney to come with you, call K, you might have a chance at actually making it to your race.

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  1. kkincognito says:

    ok – so you call AAA (yes, this does involve an actual phone call with a live person… that may last 1 hour plus – but maybe less so if you’re not doing a complicated vacation with stays at 2 different disney properties)…. hotel rates there should be about 10% less than disney and you get special luggage tags!
    oh – and for princess lunches that you are not attending (though, really I think you need some Norwegian food at Aukerhaus) (and you should consider the romantic table at the Castle at 7 pm to hit the fireworks – though it may freak out Mr. Anti-Disney man).., call 60 days in advance to Disney Dining (might be 180 days for Disney World locales – so yesterday)… and yes, yet another phone call to a live person…
    This year might all really be about desensitization training..

  2. trojandynasty says:

    This blog is filled with flat out lies.

    How can K be the smartest person you know.
    You know me right?

    Next time I take the kid gloves off on both of you on Smarty Pants.


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