Needed…a creative outlet

I had an acupuncturist appointment yesterday, not for any running or biking injuries, just an ongoing issue.  Let’s just say, yesterday’s impression made me wonder if I truly have a disposable income to pay for weekly appointments.

The first appointment 3 weeks ago made me laugh so was well worth the price.  He actually used the words “ancient chinese medicine” (with an accent) and giggled.  Second week, I had more needles inserted, and was given more “ancient chinese herbs”.  Third week…well…no ancient chinese medicine.  Instead I was told I needed a creative outlet and that would help my liver.  For the record not going in for my liver.  Also, while I am used to Lino the witch doctor telling me that my sore right toe is related to the fact that my left elbow has too many lymph nodes that are enflamed (and yes he is generally right), I do not actually buy into a creative outlet connection with my liver. But, I’m paying for this kooky advice, so I need a creative outlet.  I don’t think shopping, eating out, surfing the internet, planning vacations, planning running outfits, analyzing shoe fit, or planning a run count.  This could be quite the challenge.  Darren has informed me he would like to learn the paso doble, so apparently his liver will be in good condition.  I fully remember the last time we tried dancing classes. I think my liver is screwed.

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  1. chebi says:

    I for one would Kill to see that Paso Doble. Can I help pick out the costumes or will that be part of the creative part for you Sarah

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