Sigh…yes it has been a while

So I suppose I could say that I’ve been so busy training that I haven’t been posting. Or that I have been dealing with cold #2 for the past few weeks (yes, Mom, I’m finally on prednisone), which is closer to the truth.  But the real reason, well other than trying to steal the laptop from Darren, um, well, I’ve been lazy.

So what’s been going on?  I’ve decided to pass on Lake Stevens. I’m having a hard enough time trying to fit three sports in the week, and really, I’ve just decided I don’t really like swimming. Rather than fight it, I’m just going to improve my running and biking.  So I signed up for another 1/2, the San Franciso marathon. Two things, in July, it’s guaranteed to be cooler there than Sacramento, AND it’s a beautiful run course.  Wendy agreed today to run as well, so I know I now have my motivator to run with me 🙂

I’ve also attempted to increase my hill biking (in between coughing up lungs) in anticipation of Wildflower in exactly 15 days.  The hills are not the problem.  In fact I’m kind of wishing the swim had some hills.  I suppose the next two weeks will be solid swim workouts – ugh – I really dislike swimming (yes Hallmark husband, it’s all attitude, I know).

What else – other than said cold, and 45 days of happy pills, everything is looking pretty rosy.  Tyson has become a home decorator involving moving rugs room to room.  Darren caught 6 slugs – he ate 3, we donated 3 to Wendy.  I ate sushi (not abalone inspired).

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