4 days and counting…

  1. Bags are packed (well almost)  – check
  2.  grocery delivery has been scheduled – check
  3. iPhone has a new playlist – check
  4. Cold has just about ended.  Yes that’s right, a lovely cold from someone at work who will remain nameless has set in the Madams household, which I suppose is better than the flu that has set in the Keyser household. 
  5. Out of office message created – check (and it doesn’t say “screw you and your concern, I’m on PTO, find someone who cares”- it is however late Tuesday, and I still have  another day of work, so that message is likely).
  6. Annoying white dog has arrived, and dog sitter arranged – check (and yes she will be perfect for the dogs)
  7. Pretrial run with selected race outfit – yeah not so much. I can finally breathe without horking up a lung, that took 3 days.
  8. bills are paid – check
  9. Prozac for Darren is packed – check (he has been searching Disneyworld forums for a full day, let’s just say he is not a happy camper about going to the merriest place on earth)
  10. Garmin is charged – check

Looks like I’m good to go.  Can’t guarantee what the race reports will be like, as we just found out last night that he cannot be at the starting line.  He can however ride the monorail to see me at the turn around point.  I’m hoping he’ll be there.  He’s wondering how much Disney will charge for that.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and especially a big thanks to Wendy for running all of those long runs with me.  Couldn’t have done it without you!

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  1. chebi says:

    Good luck and have lots of fun during the race. I’ll be tracking you. You can beat 2:45 no problem. We’ll send messages to Darren so he doesn’t go postal in the “happiest place on earth”.

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