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Oh…you’re bleeding

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I’ve heard that comment twice in the past week. 

Friday I heard it from Wendy as I popped my head out of the pool. “What did you do to your face? It’s bleeding!”.  Yeah, well, I was swimming see, and working on my pull.  My head got in the way.  First I managed to clock myself in the nose, then three strokes later I scratched my chin.  I now have a scab on my chin because apparently pool water and pressure with a towel does not lead to a clotting.  20 minutes later I had a lovely black glob on my chin.

Today as I was finishing my weekly treatment as a human pin cushion, my little dr chick squealed and said “Oh, that’s great you’re bleeding”.  Now, I’m no specialist, but I’m thinking needles + poking into limbs = good chance of blood escaping.  Apparently though “your leg bled so quickly, so it’s letting the toxins out, and cleaning itself”.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that just the other day I nicked myself 5 times on both legs.  So either I am toxin free, or sharp objects that puncture skin cause me to bleed.

Congrats Linda and “It seemed like a good idea”

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

First off – CONGRATULATIONS to Linda for a fantastic race today at Lake Stevens – 6:36 finish, with a 2:23 run at the end – WAY TO GO!!!

So after being drug from mile 11-12.9 by Wendy at the San Francisco 1/2 marathon in July, I had this great idea that A) I should register for a marathon (Las Vegas Marathon in December), and B) before my Disneyland 1/2 marathon over Labor Day I should run a couple runs longer than 13 miles.  The theory for (B) was that mentally if I could run 15 miles without dying until mile 13, then a 13 mile run would be super simple.  (A) I think was just a result of a little too much wine, a nearby credit card, and a screaming deal for airfare and hotel to Vegas (see what happens when I drink in my off weeks – no tolerance!).

So, the 14 mile run.  Fortunately I was able to coerce Wendy and Debi to accompany me.  I’m not entirely sure what the motivation was for either of them, although Wendy was on vacation all week so was a bit bored, and Debi figured she wouldn’t work out any other way.  Neither will probably be as accomodating next time (in fact they’ve already made plans for only a one hour run next weekend!). 

I did my research a couple days before and decided that the Davis Bike Loop would be nice.  It’s mostly on a bike path, goes through shade, there’s a few water faucets (not nearly enough toilets), and there are about 4 different locations where one could add on a couple extra miles.  Since the loop is only 12 miles (regardless of the Garmin and Nike Ipod that W & D were sporting), I decided to add 2 miles to the beginning as opposed to the end (also this way I would not pass the car at 12 miles and decide I’m done).  Small problem though is I got lost on the first 2 miles, not by much, but enough to have to pretend like I knew where I was going.  As the run actually continued on the bike loop though, we did see all sorts of good things, a house fire, 4 fire trucks, a dog in a pannier on a bike (who almost tipped the bike over in an attempt to greet D&W), and an adult napping class (might have been yoga, but really at the speed we were traveling I would have expected some movement, and those ladies were napping).

2 gels, 1 bag of powerbar gelblasts, and 1.5 liters of water put us at mile 11.  It was at this point Debi said, “you know what time it is?” to which I responded “time for our$%#*&^*$ movable aid station to be &%&%$^$# right here with my Dr. Pepper “.  Seems Debi actually meant that it was about time for Linda to be halfway done with her bike (sorry Linda, that would have been my second guess :-)  )!  Fortunately our movable aid station (i.e. Darren on a bike) showed up abou 1/2 mile later, with my dr. pepper, which made all the difference in the world.  Until mile 13.2 (or 13.8 by my traveling partners’ watches), when I decided I was tired…and done. I was also cursing my wine consumption when registering for the marathon..might need to rethink.  On the plus side, they proceeded to stop at mile 14 on their watches, and we all contemplated calling Darren to pick us up.  We instead decided to walk back.  Of course there were a few discussions about my Kirsten like ability to create longer routes than necessary (although I would like to point out the run was only 14.6 miles long – )  so I was only off by 1/2 mile.  There were also conversations discussing how to avoid my maniacal desire for another 14+ mile next weekend (i.e the prediscussed 1 hour run – I wish I was faster, I would have been able to coerce them for another long run next week.)  Fortunately, Debi and Wendy still spoke to me at the end :-) 

On the plus side, our movable aid station was at the car when we finally made it there.  Seems he was exceptionally pleased that we were running late because there was coed lawn volleyball right next to the parking lot.  And by coed it would appear that “there’s guys playing?”

Needed…a creative outlet

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I had an acupuncturist appointment yesterday, not for any running or biking injuries, just an ongoing issue.  Let’s just say, yesterday’s impression made me wonder if I truly have a disposable income to pay for weekly appointments.

The first appointment 3 weeks ago made me laugh so was well worth the price.  He actually used the words “ancient chinese medicine” (with an accent) and giggled.  Second week, I had more needles inserted, and was given more “ancient chinese herbs”.  Third week…well…no ancient chinese medicine.  Instead I was told I needed a creative outlet and that would help my liver.  For the record not going in for my liver.  Also, while I am used to Lino the witch doctor telling me that my sore right toe is related to the fact that my left elbow has too many lymph nodes that are enflamed (and yes he is generally right), I do not actually buy into a creative outlet connection with my liver. But, I’m paying for this kooky advice, so I need a creative outlet.  I don’t think shopping, eating out, surfing the internet, planning vacations, planning running outfits, analyzing shoe fit, or planning a run count.  This could be quite the challenge.  Darren has informed me he would like to learn the paso doble, so apparently his liver will be in good condition.  I fully remember the last time we tried dancing classes. I think my liver is screwed.