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That was the best race ever!

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

I have to confess, I am not a good wife.  :-) 

Over a year ago Darren told me all about the Moraga Tri and how this was going to be his A race during YOS.  Wanting to be supportive of him having something to work at after IMAZ, I agreed and said, “sounds great”.  So for the past 12 weeks he has followed this very disciplined plan so that he can place at Moraga Tri.  I, on the other hand, have perfected the haphazard plan which involves minimal swimming, running a couple times a week, and only hilly bike rides ~once per week.  I actually had no intention of racing the Moraga tri, that is until last week, when on a whim I asked Darren if he would mind me impinging on his A race.  As a good husband he told me, “of course you can race, I’d love you too”.  Much nicer than I would have been.  I figured I could collect a t-shirt for the quilt I ultimately want for my YOS, and practice my transitions for Wildflower.  And I was told that the bike was flat, and I quote “like a pancake” <— that is a KEY point…

The morning started at 4:20AM which is an unpleasant time to wake up.  After a quick hair decision – one ponytail or two – prying my tri suit on, and eating my prerace breakfast of a pretzel, we headed to Moraga.  Of course Darren needed his prerace breakfast of Starbuck’s…just as a note, SBs does not open weekends until 6 – useful to know.  While waiting for SBs to open, I asked Darren to take me on a quick drive of the bike course.  I would like to point out that at this point I mentioned that the road looked like a hill, and I was told I was imagining things.  He took me to the end of the road and used the comment “I’m told this is a good bike route, but I’m pretty sure the course doesn’t go this far”. <—-FYI, it extended about 3 miles past that point…uphill…

Back to SBs, wait for 10 minutes for the doors to open,  pick up Darren’s much needed coffee and croissant and off to the race.  At the race we discover that while the race FAQs claimed there would be numbered transition areas, that really was not the case.  No worries, there was a huge wall with steps and I set up with tons of space with no one near me, right next to the run exit. 

So a couple notes about this tri – it is truly a bring what you own kind of race – meaning cruisers, hybrids, mountain bikes, old school steel bikes, OH and 2 Cervelo P2Cs.  Yeah, we were overbiked for the race, which I found hysterically funny.  Fortunately, we were not as bad as racer #10 who was riding his P3 with zipps, who had his trainer set next to his truck and was doing warm ups prior to the race (also hysterically funny).  Judging by his parking spot and transition spot he must have been there at about 5AM.

So back to the race.  The race was supposed to start at 7, it didn’t.  It was also supposed to be 70 degrees.  It was about 50.  After some announcements from the mayor of Moraga (yes the mayor), and a soulful rendition of the national anthem (that included a stop in the middle and the words “oh, uh hang on”), the race began.  Darren of course being significantly faster was #35, and I was #175.  It was a pool swim (8 x 50m laps) in a pool with racers going every 10 seconds.  Darren had a 6:30ish swim so I was able to cheer for him throughout his swim and still had time to sit in the heated bathrooms and warm up while waiting for him swim.  Eventually my time came, and I undressed and handed all of my clothes to Darren’s dad (who thought that was great fun), and got into the water.  Now, Darren will say the water was waaaayyyy too hot.  I will say it was perfect ~85degrees.  It was sooooo nice, a beautiful temperature, and an improvement over standing on the deck.  After a 9:50ish swim, I was out of the water and headed out on the pancake flat bike ride.  It  was at that point I apparently screwed up my Garmin, so I have no idea how long my bike was on the pancake ride.  I do know however the pancake was apparently quite lumpy.  After the past few bike rides with Wendy and Debi though, I don’t think I’d call any of the ride a hill.  Darren disagrees with that assessment.  Perhaps he should ride with Wendy  and Debi.  I made a point of thanking all of the volunteers (escapees from the nearest wrinkle ranch from the looks of things). 

Back into transition, I finally figured out my watch and started the run.  I managed to run the first 1/4 mile, and then did two inhaler puffs, and kept going.  Volunteers for the run were from the local high school and were very encouraging.  They also all had flags and were trying to make their flags make snapping sounds anytime a runner was near them.  There were two BIG hills on the run, but not particularly steep, just long (1 mile-ish). Fortunately for every uphill there was an equivalent downhill.  The final 1/4 mile was around the high school track.  Coming into the track I saw Darren and his parents way before they saw me.  As I passed Darren he was surprised to see me and told me “oh you’re under time” to which I asked “well what time is it” and was told “oh I don’t know”.  Helpful.  Raced around the track and came in at 2:14 on the clock.  Since I started at about 29 minutes, it looks as though I was at about 1:43-1:45, but we’re still waiting on the results.  Darren finished in 1:23ish(42nd finisher).

More importantly, the first words out of my mouth were “wow that was fun”, much to Darren’s surpise.  He kept looking at me trying to figure out who had climbed into my trisuit :-) 

Next up, Wildflower!

Sigh…yes it has been a while

Friday, April 17th, 2009

So I suppose I could say that I’ve been so busy training that I haven’t been posting. Or that I have been dealing with cold #2 for the past few weeks (yes, Mom, I’m finally on prednisone), which is closer to the truth.  But the real reason, well other than trying to steal the laptop from Darren, um, well, I’ve been lazy.

So what’s been going on?  I’ve decided to pass on Lake Stevens. I’m having a hard enough time trying to fit three sports in the week, and really, I’ve just decided I don’t really like swimming. Rather than fight it, I’m just going to improve my running and biking.  So I signed up for another 1/2, the San Franciso marathon. Two things, in July, it’s guaranteed to be cooler there than Sacramento, AND it’s a beautiful run course.  Wendy agreed today to run as well, so I know I now have my motivator to run with me 🙂

I’ve also attempted to increase my hill biking (in between coughing up lungs) in anticipation of Wildflower in exactly 15 days.  The hills are not the problem.  In fact I’m kind of wishing the swim had some hills.  I suppose the next two weeks will be solid swim workouts – ugh – I really dislike swimming (yes Hallmark husband, it’s all attitude, I know).

What else – other than said cold, and 45 days of happy pills, everything is looking pretty rosy.  Tyson has become a home decorator involving moving rugs room to room.  Darren caught 6 slugs – he ate 3, we donated 3 to Wendy.  I ate sushi (not abalone inspired).