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Congrats Linda and “It seemed like a good idea”

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

First off – CONGRATULATIONS to Linda for a fantastic race today at Lake Stevens – 6:36 finish, with a 2:23 run at the end – WAY TO GO!!!

So after being drug from mile 11-12.9 by Wendy at the San Francisco 1/2 marathon in July, I had this great idea that A) I should register for a marathon (Las Vegas Marathon in December), and B) before my Disneyland 1/2 marathon over Labor Day I should run a couple runs longer than 13 miles.  The theory for (B) was that mentally if I could run 15 miles without dying until mile 13, then a 13 mile run would be super simple.  (A) I think was just a result of a little too much wine, a nearby credit card, and a screaming deal for airfare and hotel to Vegas (see what happens when I drink in my off weeks – no tolerance!).

So, the 14 mile run.  Fortunately I was able to coerce Wendy and Debi to accompany me.  I’m not entirely sure what the motivation was for either of them, although Wendy was on vacation all week so was a bit bored, and Debi figured she wouldn’t work out any other way.  Neither will probably be as accomodating next time (in fact they’ve already made plans for only a one hour run next weekend!). 

I did my research a couple days before and decided that the Davis Bike Loop would be nice.  It’s mostly on a bike path, goes through shade, there’s a few water faucets (not nearly enough toilets), and there are about 4 different locations where one could add on a couple extra miles.  Since the loop is only 12 miles (regardless of the Garmin and Nike Ipod that W & D were sporting), I decided to add 2 miles to the beginning as opposed to the end (also this way I would not pass the car at 12 miles and decide I’m done).  Small problem though is I got lost on the first 2 miles, not by much, but enough to have to pretend like I knew where I was going.  As the run actually continued on the bike loop though, we did see all sorts of good things, a house fire, 4 fire trucks, a dog in a pannier on a bike (who almost tipped the bike over in an attempt to greet D&W), and an adult napping class (might have been yoga, but really at the speed we were traveling I would have expected some movement, and those ladies were napping).

2 gels, 1 bag of powerbar gelblasts, and 1.5 liters of water put us at mile 11.  It was at this point Debi said, “you know what time it is?” to which I responded “time for our$%#*&^*$ movable aid station to be &%&%$^$# right here with my Dr. Pepper “.  Seems Debi actually meant that it was about time for Linda to be halfway done with her bike (sorry Linda, that would have been my second guess :-)  )!  Fortunately our movable aid station (i.e. Darren on a bike) showed up abou 1/2 mile later, with my dr. pepper, which made all the difference in the world.  Until mile 13.2 (or 13.8 by my traveling partners’ watches), when I decided I was tired…and done. I was also cursing my wine consumption when registering for the marathon..might need to rethink.  On the plus side, they proceeded to stop at mile 14 on their watches, and we all contemplated calling Darren to pick us up.  We instead decided to walk back.  Of course there were a few discussions about my Kirsten like ability to create longer routes than necessary (although I would like to point out the run was only 14.6 miles long – )  so I was only off by 1/2 mile.  There were also conversations discussing how to avoid my maniacal desire for another 14+ mile next weekend (i.e the prediscussed 1 hour run – I wish I was faster, I would have been able to coerce them for another long run next week.)  Fortunately, Debi and Wendy still spoke to me at the end :-) 

On the plus side, our movable aid station was at the car when we finally made it there.  Seems he was exceptionally pleased that we were running late because there was coed lawn volleyball right next to the parking lot.  And by coed it would appear that “there’s guys playing?”

Sigh…yes it has been a while

Friday, April 17th, 2009

So I suppose I could say that I’ve been so busy training that I haven’t been posting. Or that I have been dealing with cold #2 for the past few weeks (yes, Mom, I’m finally on prednisone), which is closer to the truth.  But the real reason, well other than trying to steal the laptop from Darren, um, well, I’ve been lazy.

So what’s been going on?  I’ve decided to pass on Lake Stevens. I’m having a hard enough time trying to fit three sports in the week, and really, I’ve just decided I don’t really like swimming. Rather than fight it, I’m just going to improve my running and biking.  So I signed up for another 1/2, the San Franciso marathon. Two things, in July, it’s guaranteed to be cooler there than Sacramento, AND it’s a beautiful run course.  Wendy agreed today to run as well, so I know I now have my motivator to run with me 🙂

I’ve also attempted to increase my hill biking (in between coughing up lungs) in anticipation of Wildflower in exactly 15 days.  The hills are not the problem.  In fact I’m kind of wishing the swim had some hills.  I suppose the next two weeks will be solid swim workouts – ugh – I really dislike swimming (yes Hallmark husband, it’s all attitude, I know).

What else – other than said cold, and 45 days of happy pills, everything is looking pretty rosy.  Tyson has become a home decorator involving moving rugs room to room.  Darren caught 6 slugs – he ate 3, we donated 3 to Wendy.  I ate sushi (not abalone inspired).

Let the taper begin!!!

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

So after a brief scare last night when my heart started racing for no good reason and woke me up from a dead sleep (and yes, I did pull out my heart rate monitor and compulsively watched the numbers go up and up…and then got a second heart rate monitor to check that the first heart rate monitor wasn’t lying), and then a call to my mom to verify that I was not going to die because really I had no travel insurance AND more importantly have made the final payment for the trip (and no Sharon, you cannot go in place of me!), AND a valium to drop the heart rate to something reasonable, I was able to finally complete my very last long run before the princess 1/2.  Thankfully Wendy for some crazy reason decided she wanted to run 12 miles with me, even though I did give her a perfectly reasonable out yesterday, but she said, “No, I’m running”.

Let me just say I am so relieved that I finished this run.  Miles 9-11 were brutal, which likely was a result that someone (ok, yes, it was me), thought it would be a really good idea to run up Iron Point (yes Sacramentans – that would be Costco Hill – out of towners – it’s an uphill…with no downhillls).  Miles 5-9 were all uphill. Mile 9 -11 were flat, I was just tired.  Unfortunately you can’t be tired when running with Wendy.  “Step it up girl, you’re almost there”, and she was cheerful when she was saying it, which is craziness!  At 10.5 we reached the car, but there was no stopping Wendy “We’re finishing keep going”.  One more circle, and we were back at the car at 12.04 miles.  More importantly we were at 12.04 miles at a faster pace than our 11 mile run last week, in (hopefully) less pain than last week, and at least for me, at a more reasonable heartrate (which considering last night) was significantly more important. 

It was a good day. 

And what makes today even better, that’s the last long run! That’s right, I don’t have to do another long run until July.  Thank goodness!!!  I think all ideas of Portland Marathon are pretty much gone at this point, although the Nike Half in San Francisco is looking very tempting – finishing medal is a Tiffany necklace, handed to you by a San Francisco fireman dressed in a tux.  Totally worth it.

So if you’re looking for me, I won’t be on the bike trail, on the Folsom trail, on the Davis trail, circling around downtown, or any other run trail.  Maybe I’ll have time in the next week to actually get in the pool – or at least get close enough to smell the pool.

A few more additions to the YOS calendar, or why Darren Loves Michael Eisner

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

So at dinner last night (if you’re in Sac, Supperclub is FANTASTIC!), the topic came up about the Disneyland 1/2 (marathon that is). I really hadn’t planned on racing in Disneyland, because well I didn’t feel like pushing the Disney limit on Darren…But it seems if you run in both a Disneyworld event and a Disneyland event in the same year, that you qualify for the Disney Coast to Coast Challenge, which means – ONE MORE MEDAL.  I want to state now, even the prospect of one more medal was not really that compelling, but with the encouragement from K, and also Darren declaring his undying support for the idea (note, if you really really want something, dinner at Supper Club is highly recommended, prefarably with the wine option – I think he might have been on glass 6 or 7 at that point), so I registered.  The best part though – Disney refers to it as “the ultimate test of endurance”.  In a much more sober state of mind today, it has been pointed out to me by Darren, that two 1/2 marathons in a year, 6 months apart, is not really a test of endurance…umm whatever, it is YOS, Mr. IM can bite me. Personally I think putting up with Darren at two Disney parks is the ultimate test of  endurance.

So ok, adding an additional 1/2 to the schedule, not really on the list of “what are you thinking”…then I remembered a link Darren sent to me a few weeks ago.  I have also now registered for a “Climbing and Descending” cycling clinic in February. To be honest, those are two things I absolutely hate on my bike. I don’t even think I could determine which I hate more.  But, I will be cycling around Lake Tahoe, and it would appear there are one or two hills, and I’m guessing from every uphill there is an equivalent downhill.  And I’m not really sure that taking valium to overcome my panic attack while going downhill in Tahoe is a really good idea. 

So for all of my family reading this, if you don’t see me until after October, it’s for good reason, and just think of the souvenirs I’ll be bringing you.  For my friends, who’s up for some training rides and runs?

My New Year’s Goal

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Ok, so I’m really not a fan of making New Year’s resolutions, because well to be honest I’m not a fan of keeping them (yeah I’m still working on that being nicer resolution from last year…let me know how successful that’s been, ok? 🙂 ) At any rate, I decided on Sunday during a grueling bike ride (all 25.83 miles of it) that I needed to have a goal because well I was at mile 7 and no one would tell me when we would turn around, and therefore I was in my “I’m bored, I’m tired, I’ve seen this trail too many times, I’m bored” mood.  Then I thought, “Wow, I’m uncomfortable…and I’m still bored”. It was at that point that Darren looked at me and told me I needed to focus…and that I needed to eat…3 Clif Bloks later, and after pulling a partial Kirsten (yes, my bike is now fast enough that I can jump into the draft  of people passing me – I just don’t have quite the leg strength to pass them yet …soon though), I finally rejoined Darren and Wendy in a much better mental state, or at least an improved carb enhanced mental state. So in this improved mental state, I came up with my goal – No, not to focus more and not look at the scenery (obviously a Darren suggestion), but instead to work through the uncomfortable.  Not necessarily pain uncomfortable, because I’m a big fan of stopping if I’m in pain, but more of a keep working even when I’m bored, or going past my normal limits, or doing something that I’m not comfortable doing.  THAT didn’t work so well for me last year, so working through my comfort zone to be a little uncomfortable might be a new challenge.

Oh, and the bike is fantastic! Helmet stayed on top, rubber stayed on bottom.  I am convinced my bike sings at 17.5 mph, although Darren just thinks I’m nutty.  AND, the shifting worked beautiful thanks to all of the tweaking Darren did while I was on my run before my ride.  Still need a compact crank (seriously, how hard is it for eBay to sell one at a reasonable price?), so I can go up a hill, but it’s almost done 🙂

1 day Closer to my P2C

Friday, December 19th, 2008

So while at IMAZ there was a screaming deal on Cervelos (test bikes from Kona), and even though it was still technically YOD, D made a special exception and let me borrow a couple minutes of his year to make my purchase.  So that was the good side.  The bad side since we didn’t have our bike box with us in Arizona, I had to wait for the bike to be shipped back from AZ to Charleston to have it then shipped back to CA, so it took about 3 weeks for it to arrive. And it did…in a box…in the hallway for 2 weeks. 

It's a nice bike, trust me...

It's a nice bike, trust me...

But see there was a method to my madness – Darren’s birthday present was a bike work stand (ok, so maybe the bike stand was more for my bike, and not really for his bike, but he did request it, and I figured, maybe that would mean my bike could be constructed sooner).  So I had to wait for his birthday before he could open his box.

So what’s the point of all of this – just that last night, the bike stand was constructed:

The Stand The Stand!!!

The Stand The Stand!!!

AND…we don’t have anything planned for Sunday, AND my new shifters have arrived…So I’m thinking I might have a bike, and not a box with a bike by the end of this weekend!!! Woohooooo!!!!