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Oh…you’re bleeding

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I’ve heard that comment twice in the past week. 

Friday I heard it from Wendy as I popped my head out of the pool. “What did you do to your face? It’s bleeding!”.  Yeah, well, I was swimming see, and working on my pull.  My head got in the way.  First I managed to clock myself in the nose, then three strokes later I scratched my chin.  I now have a scab on my chin because apparently pool water and pressure with a towel does not lead to a clotting.  20 minutes later I had a lovely black glob on my chin.

Today as I was finishing my weekly treatment as a human pin cushion, my little dr chick squealed and said “Oh, that’s great you’re bleeding”.  Now, I’m no specialist, but I’m thinking needles + poking into limbs = good chance of blood escaping.  Apparently though “your leg bled so quickly, so it’s letting the toxins out, and cleaning itself”.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that just the other day I nicked myself 5 times on both legs.  So either I am toxin free, or sharp objects that puncture skin cause me to bleed.