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Needed…a creative outlet

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I had an acupuncturist appointment yesterday, not for any running or biking injuries, just an ongoing issue.  Let’s just say, yesterday’s impression made me wonder if I truly have a disposable income to pay for weekly appointments.

The first appointment 3 weeks ago made me laugh so was well worth the price.  He actually used the words “ancient chinese medicine” (with an accent) and giggled.  Second week, I had more needles inserted, and was given more “ancient chinese herbs”.  Third week…well…no ancient chinese medicine.  Instead I was told I needed a creative outlet and that would help my liver.  For the record not going in for my liver.  Also, while I am used to Lino the witch doctor telling me that my sore right toe is related to the fact that my left elbow has too many lymph nodes that are enflamed (and yes he is generally right), I do not actually buy into a creative outlet connection with my liver. But, I’m paying for this kooky advice, so I need a creative outlet.  I don’t think shopping, eating out, surfing the internet, planning vacations, planning running outfits, analyzing shoe fit, or planning a run count.  This could be quite the challenge.  Darren has informed me he would like to learn the paso doble, so apparently his liver will be in good condition.  I fully remember the last time we tried dancing classes. I think my liver is screwed.

Friday Sale on Amazon

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Ok, so I have to admit, I have a bit of a problem, I love to shop on Amazon.  Love love love to shop on Amazon.  For example I have had three shipments from Amazon just this week.  Even better, I love a sale (my mom’s fault I’m sure, but on the plus side because I have always shopped the sale rack, I could calculate percentages and fractions by the time I was 8).  So when it’s Friday, I have a reminder on my work calendar, to check the Friday sale on Amazon (today’s deal, Friday sale, just in case you didn’t know there was a sale).

Now it’s not often that I pass a sale, but I have to say, this was an interesting item today:

Really, does someone really need to purchase a coffin online?  And if you do, isn’t that being a bit preemptive?  And, I certainly am not an expert on coffins, but wood glue and slats?  I’m just imagining the Ikea-like instructions with insert tab here, place glue here.  No allen wrench though, because if you read the description, no metal.  Not really sure why that’s a selling point though. Or that people who don’t use metal are actually surfing the internet, or better yet, checking a Friday sale. 🙂

Cristi Jessee or was it Jessee Cristi?

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Ever have one of those moments when someone asks you “hey would you like to _____?” and for a brief moment you think, this will end up bad, but you do it anyway?

Yeah, I had this moment on Sunday – and since I have all the luck in the world except when I play the lottery, it has been saved for all eternity, or at least until News10 cares less about Amgen and only wants to talk about the rain or the economy…so maybe another 2 or 3 days:

Three points to make –

  1. Yes, the boy in the pink hat is indeed me.  Just want to point out I was very cold, had just finished my 10 mile run, and was heading over to Fleet Feet to look for yet another pair of running shoes for Darren.
  2. The woman had asked us a series of questions, the ones where I had semi intelligent answers she cut. Instead she asked “what’s the appeal of riding a bike” – the blank look I have, is pretty indicative of what I think the appeal of riding a bike is. It’s also up there with running 10 miles in the cold. Or going running shoe shopping with Darren.  Thankfully Wendy was able to save the day with “camaraderie, it’s all about the camaraderie”.  Phew, crisis averted. Yes, that is a nice part.  Granted, I’d prefer the camaraderie at a nice bar with a nice glass of wine in front of me.  If that’s not available, maybe shopping (not shoes for Darren) with my friends.  Biking would be nice too, better than a stick in the eye I guess.
  3. Yes, my autograph will be available at the Tour de California this weekend.  I am a star after all.