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Somewhere along the way, things got out of hand

Friday, January 23rd, 2009
Today we bring you a special guest blog from Darren.

I can’t remember if it was Socrates, Ron Jeremy, or my father who initially said “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing to excess”.  Who would have figured that barely 3 years after major injuries on both our parts that it would come to the point that we HAD to come up with a garage organization method for bicycles of all things!?!?!

It happened over New Years.  Slowtwitch had a “Take A Picture of Your Bike RIGHT NOW!” thread.  “No cheating, don’t move it, don’t clean up around it, don’t shift gears to the big ring, nothing. Let’s see what sad state our steeds are in to start out the New Year!” the rules said.  I was instantly hooked!  It was neat to see the abandoned tri-bikes off-season.  The warm-climate bikes ready for action.  The city bikes crammed into New York apartments.  The bikes that had become just rather expensive clothes hangers.  And then it came.  Post #6 — A guy named Khai who had what looked like a bike store in his garage.  Nice and organized and just beautiful.  I had to have it!  Apparently others did too, as the thread quickly became an interrogation session as to the identity of the mystery bike rack.  Ok, he had a little mess underneath… but it was still an awesome sight to behold!

See, it all started innocently enough.  I had an old no-suspension mountain bike I used to ride to High School.  I bought my nice road bike after my racquetball injury.  Sarah bought her road bike after her horse fall.  I bought my tri-bike for my Ironman adventues.  She bought her Cervelo road/tri bike to get ready for the 2009 season.  I bought a fixie last weekend because Phil got me hooked.  Add that up and you’ve got six bikes!  SIX!  Bicycles!  12 wheels!  (Ok, 14 if you count Sarah’s old trainer set… Mum, add that to the count).  How did this happen???  Somewhere along the line this hobby turned into an addiction.

So with the identity of the mystical magical rack confirmed [Rubbermaid FastTrack, about $9 per piece, cheap!] we rushed off to Home Depot and ordered the rest off Amazon.  Martin Luther King Day I started drilling for installation which took longer than expected thanks to our builders not using standard spacing.  Today the masterpiece has finished:

Everything in its place and still room to open the freezer

Everything in its place and still room to open the freezer... amazing!

Sharp-eyed readers will note there’s only 5 bikes there currently.  There’s another rail to be added and another basket for all our spare parts (anybody need 4 stems and 3 saddles?).  I initially did have all 6 bikes up there but moved them over in order to fit the helmet rack and shelf.

Let's play "name the bikes"

Let's play "name the bikes"

Hey Peter, we need to get rid of Zaxxon, btw.  You want me to just put it on craigslist?  Anyone reading want to buy it?

Happy Bikes on a rack

Happy Bikes on a rack

Oh, and yes all the cars still fit.